Solar and Lunar Eclipses - 2005-2012  ·  July 3, 2015, 17:19 GMT

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Right now: Moon at 2°57' Aquarius, Sun at 11°29' Cancer

Solar and Lunar Eclipses


Solar Eclipse:8 Apr 200519Ari05
Lunar Eclipse:24 Apr 200504Sco19
Solar Eclipse:3 Oct 200510Lib18
Lunar Eclipse:17 Oct 200524Ari13
Lunar Eclipse:14 Mar 200624Vir14
Solar Eclipse:29 Mar 200608Ari35
Lunar Eclipse:7 Sep 200615Pis00
Solar Eclipse:22 Sep 200629Vir20
Lunar Eclipse:3 Mar 200712Vir59
Solar Eclipse:19 Mar 200728Pis07
Solar Eclipse:11 Sep 200718Vir24
Solar Eclipse:7 Feb 200817Aqu44
Lunar Eclipse:21 Feb 200801Vir52
Solar Eclipse:1 Aug 200809Leo31
Lunar Eclipse:16 Aug 200824Aqu21
Solar Eclipse:26 Jan 200906Aqu29
Lunar Eclipse:9 Feb 200920Leo59
Lunar Eclipse:7 Jul 200915Cap24
Solar Eclipse:22 Jul 200929Can26
Lunar Eclipse:6 Aug 200913Aqu43
Lunar Eclipse:31 Dec 200910Can14
Solar Eclipse:15 Jan 201025Cap01
Lunar Eclipse:26 Jun 201004Cap46
Solar Eclipse:11 Jul 201019Can23
Lunar Eclipse:21 Dec 201029Gem20
Solar Eclipse:4 Jan 201113Cap38
Solar Eclipse:1 Jun 201111Gem01
Lunar Eclipse:15 Jun 201124Sag23
Solar Eclipse:1 Jul 201109Can12
Solar Eclipse:25 Nov 201102Sag36
Lunar Eclipse:10 Dec 201118Gem10
Solar Eclipse:20 May 201200Gem20
Lunar Eclipse:4 Jun 201214Sag13
Solar Eclipse:13 Nov 201221Sco56
Lunar Eclipse:28 Nov 201206Gem46

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Sabian Symbols for this moment
For the Sun: A chinese woman nursing a baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a great teacher.
For the Moon: A deserter from the navy.

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