Correlations between the 360 degrees and anatomical parts of the body  ·  July 3, 2015, 6:26 GMT

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Right now: Moon at 26°27' Capricorn, Sun at 11°03' Cancer

Correlations between the 360 degrees and anatomical parts of the body

by Reinhold Ebertin


Aries1 Cerebrum
Aries2 Mid-Brain - Mesencephalon
Aries3 Cerebellum - (Abscess)
Aries4 Pineal Gland (Goiter)
Aries5 Right or Left Eye -- (Hair)
Aries6 Orbital Cavity (Socket Of Eye)
Aries7 Ear (Jaundice)
Aries8 Cheekbone
Aries9 Crystalline Lens Of Eye
Aries10 Eyeballs
Aries11 Optic Nerve
Aries12 Tongue (Hair)
Aries13 Corpus Callosum (Band Of Nerve Fibers), rheumatism
Aries14 Frontal Lobes (Brain)
Aries15 Lateral Lobes, Stroke, Suicide
Aries16 Pons Vareil
Aries17 Spinal cord canal
Aries18 Nerve Connections
Aries19 Corpus Callosum Cerebri
Aries20 Hyoid Bone
Aries21 Eye muscle
Aries22 Cheek Muscle
Aries23 Masticatory Muscle
Aries24 Zygomatic Muscle
Aries25 Sternocleidomastoid Muscle
Aries26 Skull
Aries27 Fornix (Tuberculosis)
Aries28 Fornix (Hair)
Aries29 Auditory Canal (Bronchitis)
Aries30 Paretid Gland


Taurus1 Throat Or Gullet
Taurus2 Palate
Taurus3 Opening Of Throat
Taurus4 Uvula
Taurus5 Throat Or Larynx Space
Taurus6 Larynx
Taurus7 Vocal Chords
Taurus8 Cervical Nerves
Taurus9 Jugular Vein
Taurus10 Cervical Vein (Alcoholism)
Taurus11 Neck Nerves Connecting W/Spinal Chord
Taurus12 Neck Nerves Connecting W/Spinal Chord
Taurus13 Neck Nerves Connecting W/Spinal Chord (Neurasthenia)
Taurus14 True Vocal Chords
Taurus15 Epiglottis
Taurus16 Abscess Carotoid Artery
Taurus17 Thyroid Gland Tonsils
Taurus18 Lymph Vessels (Appendix) Hair
Taurus19 Maxmillary Artery
Taurus20 Occiptital Bone (Goiter)
Taurus21 Sinus Artery
Taurus22 Hyoid Muscle
Taurus23 Teeth (Rheumatism)
Taurus24 Upper Jaw
Taurus25 Lower Jaw, Alcoholism, Tonsils, Glands, Suicide
Taurus26 Nasal Bone
Taurus27 Cervical Vertebrae
Taurus28 Trigon
Taurus29 Trigon (Visual Sense), the Pleiadas
Taurus30 Trapezius


Gemini1 Trachea
Gemini2 Esophagus
Gemini3 Upper Right Pulmonary Lobe (Appendix)
Gemini4 Lower Right Pulmonary Lobe,Anxiety,Pulmonary Inflm
Gemini5 Upper Left Pulmonary Lobe, the Hyades(eye star)
Gemini6 Lower Lft Pulmonary Lobe(Anxiety)Pulmonary Inflam
Gemini7 Apex Of The Lungs, Heart
Gemini8 Eyesight, Bronchial Tubes (Bronchial System)
Gemini9 Pulmonary Artery, Rheumatic Fever
Gemini10 Hilus (Lung Root) Typhoid Fever
Gemini11 Thymus Gland
Gemini12 Tracheal Mucous
Gemini13 Pulmonary Veins
Gemini14 Clavicle (Collarbone)
Gemini15 Scapula (Shoulder Blade)
Gemini16 Pleura
Gemini17 Bright's Disease (Kidneys) First Rib
Gemini18 Asthma Second Rib
Gemini19 Laryngeal Muscle
Gemini20 Third Rib
Gemini21 Arm Muscle
Gemini22 Upper Arm Appendicitis, Insanity
Gemini23 Spine
Gemini24 OLeocranon
Gemini25 Radius, Gout, Neurasthenia
Gemini26 Wrist Bones, Suicide
Gemini27 Phalanges (Fingers)
Gemini28 Metacarpal Bones, Tuberculosis
Gemini29 Fourth Rib
Gemini30 Fifth Rib


Cancer1 Sixth Rib
Cancer2 Seventh Rib
Cancer3 Eight Rib - Visual Sense
Cancer4 Ninth Rib
Cancer5 Ten To Twelfth Ribs
Cancer6 Diaphragm
Cancer7 Thoracic Canal
Cancer8 Hyacus Paralysis
Cancer9 Pylorus
Cancer10 Gastric Fundus
Cancer11 Gastric Veins, Alcoholism
Cancer12 Large Gastric Curvature
Cancer13 Small Gastric Curvature
Cancer14 Abdominal (Stomach) Walls
Cancer15 Gastric Nerves, Suicide
Cancer16 Pancreas
Cancer17 Opening Of The Pancreas
Cancer18 Into Common Duct
Cancer19 Head Of Pancreas
Cancer20 Upper Arterial Bend
Cancer21 Lower Arterial Bend
Cancer22 Gastric Mucosa
Cancer23 Gastric Blood Vessels
Cancer24 Blood Vessels Of Digestive Organs
Cancer25 Blood Vessels Of Digestive Organs
Cancer26 Mammary Glands (Breasts)
Cancer27 Nipples
Cancer28 Rib Cartilage (Hair)
Cancer29 Spleen, Bronchitis
Cancer30 Twelfth Dorsal Vertebra


Leo1 Left Coronary Artery
Leo2 Aorta
Leo3 Right Artery
Leo4 Left Carotid Artery
Leo5 Right Carotid Artery
Leo6 Entrance Of Pulmonary Artery, Eyesight, Aselli
Leo7 Left Coronary Vein, Aselli eyesight affected
Leo8 Vena Cave, Anemia, Sense Of Hearing
Leo9 Upper Vena Cave, Alcoholism
Leo10 Jugular Vein
Leo11 Clavicular Vein
Leo12 Spinal Column
Leo13 Right Heart Chamber
Leo14 Left Heart Chamber
Leo15 Right Antrium
Leo16 Left Antrium
Leo17 Right Aricale
Leo18 Right Cardiac Cavity
Leo19 Ventricular Septum, Spine
Leo20 Mitral Valve
Leo21 Left Antrium
Leo22 Left Auricle, Appendix
Leo23 Left Auricle, Rheumatism
Leo24 Papillary Muscle
Leo25 Pericardium, Alcoholism, Abscess
Leo26 Myocardium
Leo27 Tendons To The Goiter
Leo28 Heart Valve
Leo29 Cardiac Septum, Neuritis
Leo30 Back


Virgo1 Duodenum
Virgo2 Small Intestine
Virgo3 Cecum (Appendix)
Virgo4 Ascending Colon (Large Intestine), Asthma
Virgo5 Transverse Colon
Virgo6 Descending Colon
Virgo7 Rectum
Virgo8 Abdominal Cavity
Virgo9 Right Hepatic Lobe, Rheumatic Fever
Virgo10 Left Hepatic Lobe, Gall, Typhoid Fever
Virgo11 Ligament Of Trietz And Gall
Virgo12 Abdominal Aorta
Virgo13 Hepatic Arteries
Virgo14 Gallbladder Artery
Virgo15 Bare Spot Of The Liver
Virgo16 Hepatic Groove
Virgo17 Abdominal Muscle
Virgo18 Serrate Groove
Virgo19 Left Hepatic Groove
Virgo20 Bile Duct
Virgo21 Gall Bladder Duct, Typhoid Fever
Virgo22 Gall Bladder
Virgo23 Hepatic Cartilage, Spine
Virgo24 Hepatic Cartilage And Tendon Of Liver
Virgo25 Liver, Cancer, Gout, Arthritis
Virgo26 Abdominal Vein, Suicide
Virgo27 Hip Veins, Tuberculosis
Virgo28 Hepatic Veins
Virgo29 Back Lobes Of Liver
Virgo30 Hepatic Duct


Libra1 Kidney, Pelvis
Libra2 Renal Cortex
Libra3 Adrenals, Abscess
Libra4 Kidney Surface, Goiter
Libra5 Malpighi's Pyramid
Libra6 Pubis
Libra7 Jaundice, Nervous System
Libra8 Of The Kidney
Libra9 And
Libra10 Renal
Libra11 Pelvis
Libra12 Left Renal System
Libra13 Right Renal System
Libra14 Left Inguinal Gland
Libra15 Right Inguinal Gland, Suicide, Stroke
Libra16 Renal Artery
Libra17 Adrenal Arteries, Kidney Illness
Libra18 Fatty Capsule Of Kidneys
Libra19 Great Renal Calyx, Kidney
Libra20 Small Renal Calyx, kideny
Libra21 Renal Hilus, kidney
Libra22 Renal Veins, kidney
Libra23 Adrenal Veins, kidney
Libra24 Vascular Circulation Of The Renal Cortex
Libra25 Vascular Circulation Of The Renal Cortex
Libra26 Vascular System
Libra27 Vascular System Of The Skin (Tuberculosis)
Libra28 Urinary Bladder, Hair
Libra29 Right Ureter, Bronchitis
Libra30 Left Ureter


Scorpio1 Urethra Opening
Scorpio2 Urethral Meatus
Scorpio3 Prostate, Uterus
Scorpio4 Testicle, Right Side Of Uterus
Scorpio5 Testicle, Left Side Of Uterus
Scorpio6 Right Epididymis Uterine Cavity
Scorpio7 Left Epididymis , Right Fallopian Tube
Scorpio8 Scrotum , Left Fallopian Tube
Scorpio9 Spermatic Duct, Vagina, Alcoholism
Scorpio10 Corpus Cavernum Oseum Neurasthenia
Scorpio11 Penis , Labor Majora
Scorpio12 Seminal Vesicles
Scorpio13 Vulva, Labia Minors, Glans Penis
Scorpio14 Foreskin (Prepuce), Southern Scales health affectd
Scorpio15 Cowpers Glands
Scorpio16 Cochlear Head, Right Ovary, Abscess
Scorpio17 Testicle Lobes, Left Ovary
Scorpio18 Efferent Ducts, Hymen, Appendix Hair
Scorpio19 Uterine Ligaments, Hallers Netz
Scorpio20 Ligaments Of Penis, Bartholin's Gland, Goiter
Scorpio21 Sphendoidal Cavity
Scorpio22 Ethmoid (Bone) And Ligaments
Scorpio23 Nasal Bone, Fimbria Of Fallopian Tubes, Rheumatism
Scorpio24 Nasal Septum
Scorpio25 Coccyx, Ovarian Ducts, Tonsils, Alcoholism
Scorpio26 Perineum
Scorpio27 Anus
Scorpio28 Mucous Membranes
Scorpio29 Vomer
Scorpio30 Nasal Muscles


Sagittarius1 Pelvic Bone
Sagittarius2 Ilium (Hip Bone)
Sagittarius3 Ischium (Tailbone)
Sagittarius4 Femur (Thigh)
Sagittarius5 Right Large Femoral Artery, Hair
Sagittarius6 Left Large Femoral Artery, Anxiety
Sagittarius7 Right Surface Femoral Artery, Heart
Sagittarius8 Left Surface Femoral Artery, Sight
Sagittarius9 Right Lymphatic Vessel Rheumatic Fever,Disease Eye
Sagittarius10 Left Lymphatic Vessels, Typhoid Fever
Sagittarius11 Adductor Muscle
Sagittarius12 Large Tibial Vein
Sagittarius13 Rheumatic Fever, Large (Rosen) Vein
Sagittarius14 Surface Femoral Vein
Sagittarius15 Right Hip Veins
Sagittarius16 Left Hip Veins
Sagittarius17 Sciatic Nerve
Sagittarius18 Right Femoral (Keiser) Asthma
Sagittarius19 Left Femoral (Keiser)
Sagittarius20 Right Head Of Femur
Sagittarius21 Left Head Of Femur, Typhoid Fever
Sagittarius22 Right Trochanter, Insanity, Appendicitis
Sagittarius23 Left Trochanter, Spine
Sagittarius24 Hollow Of Knee, Popliteal Fossa Cartilage
Sagittarius25 Condyle Of Right Femur, Neurasthenia, Gout
Sagittarius26 Condyle Of Left Femur, Suicide
Sagittarius27 Gluteal Muscles
Sagittarius28 Right Leg Muscle
Sagittarius29 Left Leg Muscle, Spiculum (eyesight affected)
Sagittarius30 Pear Shape Muscle


Capricorn1 Right Patella
Capricorn2 Left Patella
Capricorn3 Cutaneous Nerves Of Upper Leg, Eyesight
Capricorn4 Cutaneous Nerves Of Upper Leg, Eyesight
Capricorn5 Cutaneous Nerves Of Knee
Capricorn6 Right Adductor Muscle
Capricorn7 Left Adductor Muscle
Capricorn8 Lymph Vessals Of Knee, Paralysis
Capricorn9 Veins Of Knee
Capricorn10 Ligaments Of Right Knee
Capricorn11 Ligaments Of Left Knee
Capricorn12 Right Knee Join
Capricorn13 Left Knee Join
Capricorn14 Right Knee Cartilage
Capricorn15 Left Knee Cartilage, Suicide
Capricorn16 Right Knotty Protruberance
Capricorn17 Left Knotty Protruberance
Capricorn18 Right Ligament Knee
Capricorn19 Left Ligament Knee
Capricorn20 Tendons Of Right Knee
Capricorn21 Tendons Of Left Knee
Capricorn22 Muscle Endings
Capricorn23 Muscle Endings From Upper To Lower Legs
Capricorn24 Muscle Endings From Upper To Lower Legs
Capricorn25 Connections Between Femur
Capricorn26 Connections Between Tibia
Capricorn27 Deep Lying Nerves
Capricorn28 Artery Of Right Knee, Hair
Capricorn29 Artery Of Left Knee, Bronchitis
Capricorn30 Adductor Muscle


Aquarius1 Right Shinbone Nerve, Fatty Degeneration
Aquarius2 Left Shinbone Nerve
Aquarius3 Right Fibula
Aquarius4 Left Fibula
Aquarius5 Nerve Right Fibula
Aquarius6 Nerve Left Fibula, Eyesight
Aquarius7 Vein Lower Right Leg
Aquarius8 Vein Lower Left Leg, Anemia
Aquarius9 Skin Of Right Lower Leg Alcoholism
Aquarius10 Skin Lower Left Leg
Aquarius11 Right Crural Band
Aquarius12 Left Crural Band
Aquarius13 Artery Of Right Lower Leg (Fibula) Rheumatism
Aquarius14 Artery Of Left Lower Leg (Fibula)
Aquarius15 Lymph Vessel Of Right Lower Leg
Aquarius16 Lymph Vessel Of Left Lower Leg
Aquarius17 Bright's Disease Nervous System
Aquarius18 Of The
Aquarius19 Spinal
Aquarius20 Cord
Aquarius21 Nervous System Of The Spinal Cord
Aquarius22 Right Gastroncnemius, Appendix, Cecum
Aquarius23 Left Gastroncnemius, Rheumatism
Aquarius24 Right Fibial Muscle
Aquarius25 Left Tibial Muscle, Alcoholism, Abscess
Aquarius26 Right Fibular, Neurasthenia
Aquarius27 Left Fibular, Goiter
Aquarius28 Right Tibia
Aquarius29 Left Tibia, Neuritis
Aquarius30 Right Ankle Bone


Pisces1 Right Heelbone
Pisces2 Left Heelbone
Pisces3 Nerves Of Right Foot, Appendix
Pisces4 Nerves Of Left Foot, Asthma
Pisces5 Right Cuboid Bone
Pisces6 Left Cuboid Bone
Pisces7 Anklebone (Right)
Pisces8 Left Anklebone
Pisces9 Right Metatarsus, Rheumatic Fever
Pisces10 Left Metatarsus, Typhoid Fever
Pisces11 Lymph Vessels Of Foot
Pisces12 Artery Of Right Foot
Pisces13 Artery Of Left Foot
Pisces14 Right Surface Veins
Pisces15 Left Surface Veins
Pisces16 Cruciate Ligaments Of Right Foot
Pisces17 Cruciate Ligaments Of Left Foot
Pisces18 Right Extensor Digitorum (Toe Extensor)
Pisces19 Left Extensor Digitorum (Toe Extensor)
Pisces20 Right Fibular Muscle
Pisces21 Left Fibular Muscle, Typhoid Fever
Pisces22 Achilles Heel Of Right Foot,Insanity, Appendicitis
Pisces23 Achilles Heel Of Left Foot, Spine
Pisces24 Right Capsular Joint
Pisces25 Left Capsular Joint,Cancer, Gout
Pisces26 Nerve Of Lower Foot
Pisces27 Phalanges Of Right Foot, Acute Nephritis (Kidneys)
Pisces28 Phalanges Of Left Foot, Tuberculosis
Pisces29 Toe Nail Of Right Foot
Pisces30 Toe Nail Of Left Foot
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