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Right now: Moon at 6°06' Capricorn, Sun at 9°40' Cancer

Semisquare - 8th harmonic aspect

Semisquare - 8th harmonic aspect - astrological aspect

Astrology aspects - Semisquare - 8th harmonic aspect

Sun semisquare Moon: Striving to find oneself; restless, dynamic, tense, uneasy; tending to be dissatisfied with present circumstances; seeing life as a challenge; needing constant fresh challenges.
Sun semiquare Mercury: Engaged on a search for self-understanding, on a voyage of intellectual enquiry about oneself; puzzling about one's own nature; unsure of one's opinions; searching for methods of self-expression; expressing opinions assertively so as to cover uncertainty.
Sun semisquare Venus: Aware of a lack of self-love, and striving to rectify this; needing to be reassured by the appreciation, admiration and love of other people; attempting in an 'edgy' way to charm and attract other people; judgemental about other people; 'keeping oneself to oneself' in the presence of people whom one dislikes.
Sun semisquare Mars: Striving to demonstrate to the world one's energy and forcefulness; striving to bend others to one's will; striving to be manly and virile; a tendency to exhibitionism, especially with the 'soft' aspects.
Sun semisquare Jupiter: Striving to overcome the problems and difficulties in the path of self-development; struggling to break free from restrictions and to grow to one's full potential; struggling to develop oneself as a leader of men (a common aspect among politicians).
Sun semisquare Saturn: Striving to introduce control and self-discipline into one's life; struggling to be realistic in one's self-expectations and to purge oneself of vain ambition; having a tendency to opt out of things that bring pleasure and to struggle for things that bring pain or hardship; tendeing to be distrustful of other people.
Sun semisquare Uranus: Striving to establish oneself as an original personality; rejecting mediocrity in every form; striving to shock and disturb other people out of complacency. A common aspect among dictators and among eccentrics of all kinds.
Sun semisquare Neptune: Striving to lose one's individuality and to emphasize shared identity with larger groups of people or with the whole of mankind; striving to care about other people and to feel that one's own problems are theirs.
Sun semisquare Pluto: Striving to be ruthless with oneself; refusing ever to rest on one's laurels, since one always feels that one should drive oneself still further; having a sombre and serious approach to life.
Sun semisquare angles: Effort towards self-involvement; effort to be mroe involved in what one is doing.
Moon semisquare Mercury: Effort to articulate and communicate one's feelings and perceptions; effort to make sense of one's environment; above all, these aspects are concerned with the search for language with which to express what at first seems incommunicable.
Moon semisquare Venus: Effort to find beauty (love, tenderness, gracefulness) in a world that seems to lack these things; effort to respond aesthetically; effort to develop the feminine side of one's nature, and to attract love and appreciation.
Moon semisquare Mars: Effort to overcome the inertia which seems to surround one, and to arouse others to action; effort to find actions which express one's feelings; effort to respond to events dynamically and aggressively; effort to change the environment by force.
Moon semisquare Jupiter: Effort to respond to people and to events in an open, impressive, uninhibited way; effort to overcome the apparent pettiness of one's environment, and to invest it with meaning and grandeur; effort to make the most of one's opportunities; effort to free the world from restraint.
Moon semisquare Saturn: Effort to respond to events in a controlled and disciplined way; effort to limit one's freedom of response, and to follow the path of duty.
Moon semisquare Uranus: Effort to respond to events in a vivid, sharply-defined, and individualistic way; effort to overcome the dullness and confusion of the environment, and to give it clarity and excitement; effort to stamp one's personality on the environment.
Moon semisquare Neptune: Effort to respond to events in a caring and idealistic way; effort to transcend one's own boundaries, to come closer to other people, and to feel a part of one's environment.
Moon semisquare Pluto: Effort to respond to events in a ruthless, self-punishing way; effort to dig deep into one's emotions and bring them to the surface.
Moon semisquare angles: Effort to be more responsive to the environment and to other people; effort to respond to the needs of the moment.
Mercury semisquare Venus: Effort to communicate charmingly and persuasively; effort to close the gap between thought and feeling, and to achieve beauty of thought and rational values.
Mercury semisquare Mars: Struggle to achieve mental forcefulness and decisiveness; effort to close the gap between thought and action, and to think positively and act rationally; effort to have the courage of one's convictions.
Mercury semisquare Jupiter: Struggle to achieve mental freedom and growth; effort to free the mind from restrictive thought patterns; effort to communicate in an uplifting and impressive way; wanting to be admired for one's open and enquiring mind.
Mercury semisquare Saturn: Struggle to acquire mental discipline; effort to channel the mind, and to tie it down within restrictive thought patterns; effort to direct the mind to practical levels, and to communicate effectively at a practical level; wanting to be admired for one's common sense and realism.
Mercury semisquare Uranus: Struggle to achieve mental clarity and originality; effort to communicate in original, stimulating and striking ways that demonstrate the essence of one's individuality.
Mercury semisquare Neptune: Struggle to close the mental gap between oneself and other people and communicate meaningfully to others; effort to think and say things of universal significance; wanting to be admired for one's capacity to think imaginatively; struggle to become a prophet.
Mercury semisquare Pluto: Struggle to pursue one's thoughts to their ultimate logical conclusion; effort to communicate relentlessly and powerfully; effort to overcome mental flabbiness and inconsistencey, and to be admired for the power of one's intellect; struggle to reveal all about oneself.
Mercury semisquare angles: Effort to be more rational, reasonable, communicative.
Venus semisquare Mars: Struggle to unite the male and female sides of one's nature; struggle to express one's values forcefully; struggle to find a course of action which is true to one's values; struglle to be loved for one's strength and dynamism; the search for beauty in action; in a woman, effort to be strong without losing one's femininity; ni a man, effort to be attractive and loving without losing one's masculinity.
Venus semisquare Jupiter: Striving to love freedom, and to be loved for one's freeness, open-mindedness, impressiveness or grandeur; striving to attract others by grand and impressive behaviour; seeking to sublimate the search for love; effort to free the mind from restrictive value systems and restrictive patterns of enjoyment; the search for a sublime beauty.
Venus semisquare Saturn: Striving to love duty; striving to attract others through one's self-control, faithfulness, conscientiousness and devotion to duty; seeking to be realistic in the search for love, and to curb one's wilder expectations; effort to tie the mind down to realistic and practical value-systems; the search for beauty in down-to-earth, everyday things.
Venus semisquare Uranus: Striving to love originality; striving to attract others by one's uniqueness, vivacity and unpredictability; striving to repel those who do not accept one for these qualities; striving for adventure in love, and for unconventional and sharply-defined value systems; tending to withdrawn-ness and taciturnity if these expectations are not met; the search for a vivid and thrilling beauty.
Venus semisquare Neptune: Striving to love all mankind; striving to attract others through one's sensitivitiy and awareness of the human condition; wanting to be loved as a symbol of something greater than oneself; striving for unselfish love; the search for universal value-systems and for an all-embracing beauty.
Venus semisquare Pluto: Striving to love dedication; striving to attract others through one's ruthless determination and single-mindedness; seeking a fierce and devouring love; the search for ruthless and self-denying value systems, and for a 'terrible beauty'.
Venus semisquare angles: Effort to act more in accordance with one's values, and to be more attractive (i.e. to behave so as to please other people).
Mars semisquare Jupiter: Striving towards free and uninhibited action, and the free and unrestrained expression of physicality and sexuality; striving to free one's behaviour from rules and restraints, and to make decisions which will lead to personal growth and development.
Mars semisquare Saturn: Striving towards a code of conduct which will govern one's actions and limit one's physical and sexual freedom; the effort to act in a controlled and disciplined way in order to achieve laid-down objectives; striving to do one's duty.
Mars semisquare Uranus: Striving to act in original, dramatic and magnetic ways, and in ways that are completely expressive of one's own individuality; striving towards physical and sexual adventure; striving to free one's behaviour from dull routines, and to be free to act unpredictably on the spur of the moment.
Mars semisquare Neptune: Striving to find idealistic goals for one's actions; striving to escape from the pointlessness of everyday life, and to feel that one is serving a cause; wanting to be feared as a symbol of something greater than oneself.
Mars semisquare Pluto: Striving to push one's physical resources to their limits; striving to work relentlessly towards one's goals; striving to overcome apathy and inertia.
Mars semisquare angles: Effort to be more forceful, energetic, dynamic, decisive.
Jupiter semisquare Saturn: Striving to resolve a dilemma between discipline and freedom; striving towards a type of freedom which is contained within bounds, or recognizes its limitations.
Jupiter semisquare Uranus: Striving to resolve a dilemma between freedom and originality (i.e. the fear that by growing towards that freedom, one may lose separateness and uniqueness; or that, by defining one's originality, one may lose freedom and be unable to grow); striving towards an idiosyncratic type of freedom; striving to increase one's receptivity to new ideas.
Jupiter semisquare Neptune: Striving to resolve a dilemma between freedom and connectedness (i.e. the fear that by moving closer to others one may lose personal freedom, or that by choosing the path of personal growth one may cut oneself off from others); striving towards an idealitic type of freedom.
Jupiter semisquare Pluto: Striving to resolve a dilemma between freedom and single-mindedness (i.e. the fear that by choosing freedom and open-mindedness, one may lose the ability to achieve goals by single-minded dedication, or vice versa); striving towards the relentless pursuit of growth and freedom.
Jupiter semisquare angles: Effort to be more optimistic, cheerful, risk-taking, working towards freedom and growth.
Saturn semisquare Uranus: Striving to resolve a dilemma between discipline and independence, or between doing one's duty and 'doing one's own thing'; striving towards a disciplined oriingality, or a self-imposed discipline.
Saturn semisquare Neptune: Striving to resolve a dilemma between discipline and connectedness (i.e. the fear that by caring about others one may lose sight of one's destiny, or that by doing one's duty one may lose sight of the needs of others); striving towards selflessness and a disciplined service to the needs of others.
Saturn semisquare Pluto: Striving to resolve a dilemma between duty and single-mindedness (i.e. between doing one's duty as defined by othters, and the ruthless pursuit of one's own goals); striving towards a disciplined single-mindedness.
Saturn semisquare angles: Effort to be more responsible, controlled, realistic, dutiful, down-to-earth.
Uranus semisquare Neptune: Striving to resolve a dilemma between self-centeredness and selflessness, or between separateness and connectedness; striving to serve the needs of others in an individualistic way, or to make one's uniqueness a symbol of a wider truth.
Uranus semisquare Pluto: Striving to resolve a dilemma between originality and single-mindedness, or between the desire to be unpredictable and the desire to be consistent; seeking ruthless ways of establishing uniqueness, or original ways of achieving goals.
Uranus semisquare angles: Effort to be more original, stimulating, spontaneous, true to one's nature, unconventional.
Neptune semisquare Pluto: Striving to resolve a dilemma between connectedness and dedication (i.e. the fear that sympathy for others may deflect one from the path, or that one's single-mindedness may cut one off from other people); seeking ruthless ways of achieving selfness goals.
Neptune semisquare angles: Effort to be more selfless, caring, sympathetic, idealistic, unemphatic.
Pluto semisquare angles: Effort to be more consistent, powerful, single-minded, uncompromising. (David Hamblin)

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