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Right now: Moon at 25°42' Cancer, Sun at 10°42' Pisces

What to Expect With Saturn in Sagittarius


Saturn spends about 2 ½ years in a sign, and with his entrance into fire sign Sagittarius, we have new energy to contend with. Saturn has been in water sign Scorpio, a sign he doesn’t mind too much but is pretty serious, heavy, and dark. Sagittarius is much lighter, almost a breath of fresh air after dealing with Scorpio, but Saturn will tone down the lightness of Sagittarius. We’re not as pessimistic in general as we’ve been with Saturn in Scorpio, but we still grasp around for some optimism. We can see those who are optimistic but don’t put in the work, are lazy, irresponsible, lack discipline, or are immature have the greatest problems. If you can put in the work, it might not be so bad.

Sagittarius rules expansion, which is the polar opposite of Saturn, which rules restriction. So we can see the restriction of expansion, the expansion of restriction. Expansion will only be allowed when all of the rules have been followed, a proper plan has been made, and everything has been accounted for. Less than that, and Saturn holds you back.

Saturn in Scorpio has been most difficult for you Scorpio Suns. The sign Saturn is touring through tends to feel the restriction most. Saturn will only be in Scorpio for a few months in 2015, and only at the very end of the sign (28-29 degrees), so Scorpio impact will mostly be for late Scorpios. You’ve likely also had a rough go of it if you’re an Aries Rising, which put Saturn in Scorpio in your 8th house, a difficult transit. You’ve had to slog through the heaviness, the weight of your internal turmoil, and face the darkness within. Bet you can’t wait for some light to be shined on you!

Now, Sagittarius Suns will get the brunt of it. Your sign is usually carefree, happy-go-lucky, not wanting to take anything too seriously, always up for an adventure. All of this gets pushed down, and you have to become more responsible. You have to learn to create realistic plans for those big ideas, and follow through with them. You have to learn to think about other people, and not just being responsible for yourself. The Sagittarius luck just might run out.

Taurus Risings may also not enjoy the move from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Sagittarius governs your 8th house, so you’ll begin to see, sometime in the next couple of years (Saturn is in Sagittarius until late 2017), a weight being put on you, as the issues you hide in the deepest corners of yourself start to become a real problem, and you now have to face your darkness.

On the upside, Jupiter is in Leo and Uranus is in Aries as Saturn enters Sagittarius, so we have some nice fire sign harmony going on. Though Neptune is in Pisces, which is at a difficult angle to Saturn, so our dreams can be brought down to reality a bit, and we can be focused less on fantasy and more on reality.

Author: Nic Gaudette

 Nic Gaudette is a Florida-based astrologer who enjoys helping those new to astrology, and writes lessons and articles to help them learn. She also created the website,

What to Expect With Saturn in Sagittarius - No Comments

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