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The Astrological Devil in Disguise


You may know that Neptune is the astrological ruler of deception. The influence of Neptune is quite foggy, and this can include fogging up our judgment and making it difficult for us to see what’s right in front of us. It may be plain as day to everyone else, but it’s not so simple to us. Whenever you find someone who’s not being realistic at all, they’re probably under Neptune’s influence.

This tends to be most pronounced when Neptune is conjunct the natal Sun, Moon, Mercury, or Venus. With Neptune conjunct the natal Sun or Moon, it tends to be an overall fog that clouds people’s judgment, and they have great difficulty being realistic. They swear they’re seeing things as they are in their lives, but they don’t realize they’re under the Neptune fog. Once that fog lifts, then it suddenly becomes clear what everyone else was seeing and they were missing. It’s easy to be taken advantage of because of the fog, and you have to be on guard when you have transit Neptune conjunct the Sun or Moon. People will see you as someone they can manipulate, and you may not realize what’s happened until it’s too late.

Transit Neptune conjunct your natal Mercury can be similar, but it’s more focused on the mind. Mercury is ruler of the mind, and so your judgment can still be clouded by Neptune, but it may be more self-deception, talking yourself into things that are realistic. You may swear you’re being logical when logic is absent, or have such a hard time focusing on anything that you can’t tell up from down, right from left, your head from your feet.

Most often, this is most obvious when someone has transit Neptune conjunct their natal Venus because it can play out in their relationships and with the people around them. Neptune conjunct Venus can make it very difficult for you to see the people in your life as they are, and you swear they’re the best, they’re wonderful, everyone else is just missing what you’re seeing. But what you’re seeing likely isn’t actually there. It’s just something you’re imagining is there, want to be there, but this allows you to be treated pretty badly by people who have less-than-honorable intentions.

Neptune conjunct these personal planets and deception often go together, so it’s important when you’re under one of these aspects to not let yourself get caught up in the rose-colored-glasses view you can have. The problem is, you may think there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re not looking at the world, and especially the people in your life, that way. Once the transit ends, the fog lifts, and that’s when you can see clearly the Devil in disguise. You’re much more vulnerable under these aspects, so when you see them coming, it’s a good idea to distance yourself from people you know aren’t great for you ahead of time, and surround yourself with people whose judgment you can trust when your judgment fails you.

Author: Nic Gaudette

 Nic Gaudette is a Florida-based astrologer who enjoys helping those new to astrology, and writes lessons and articles to help them learn. She also created the website,

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