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The 10th House: High Points


In astrology, there are 12 houses, each representing different areas of your life and personality, and we chart them on a circular wheel. The 10th house is the house that’s at the very top of your chart, and the cusp of the house (the very beginning of the house), called the Midheaven, is the highest point in your chart. Because of this, the 10th house or Midheaven are seen as what we aspire to be in this life in the natal chart, and can show highs in our lives in prediction.

This house is tied to our goals, our career, and what we work to achieve. It’s what we’re always striving for, always trying to reach. While the 1st house or Ascendant is who we come across as, the 10th house or Midheaven is the public image we want to project. We naturally project the 1st house, but strive to project the 10th house.

In prediction, when your 10th house is activated, you can see “high points” in your life. When the Sun crosses over your 10th house cusp each year, or a new moon occurs in your 10th house, these are usually the highest points for you in each year on a regular basis. If you can look at your life and see that you seem to have positive developments happen around the same time each year, it may be tied to this.

If your life, the highest points tend to be when you have Jupiter or Saturn going into your 10th house. Jupiter brings some easy energy, and you can make things happen with less effort. Jupiter travels through your 10th house every 10-12 years. People usually experience more opportunities being presented to them to achieve their goals, and you can make great strides, especially professionally. You can meet the right people, make the right impressions, and follow the right opportunities. The only problem with Jupiter is that he tends toward laziness, so it’s easy to blow the energy and not make this as high of a point for you in your life as it can be. As always with Jupiter, you can see good things happen without putting in any work, but when you do put in effort, you get back what you give threefold.

The biggest high point is with Saturn though. As adults, we usually experience this twice. For some people, you can experience a major crash if you haven’t been living responsibly and working hard. This is most often seen in the public eye, with scandals and disgrace. But if you have been doing the right things, you can see great rewards when Saturn enters your 10th house. Usually with Saturn, you don’t see the rewards until the end of his time in a house, but in this case, it’s usually at the beginning of his time in the 10th house, and sometimes in the few months leading up to his entrance into your 10th house. Some people experience a huge boom. It helps that Saturn is the natural ruler of the 10th house, so while his energy may be uncomfortable in other locations in your chart, he’s quite at home in the 10th house. So make sure to pay attention to when Jupiter and Saturn will be in your 10th house so you can create your own high points.

Author: Nic Gaudette

 Nic Gaudette is a Florida-based astrologer who enjoys helping those new to astrology, and writes lessons and articles to help them learn. She also created the website,

The 10th House: High Points - No Comments

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