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Right now: Moon at 26°06' Leo, Sun at 28°16' Virgo

When Should I . . . Get Married?

wedding_aisleWe all want to know when it’s the best time to do various things in our lives. It’s especially important for the really big stuff – like getting married!

First, you generally don’t want to do anything of major importance when Mercury, Venus, or Mars are retrograde. When it comes to marriage, no Venus retrograde is the most important since Venus is the planet of love. There is an exception to this, and that’s if both of you were born with the planet retrograde that will be retrograde on the date you’d like to get married (so if Mercury is retrograde that day and you both have Mercury retrograde natally, you like that energy). The only caveat is that the chart of the moment you get married will have that planet retrograde in it, which may seem fine at first, but eventually that planet will turn direct in the progressed chart, and that’s when problems can arise. When a planet goes from retrograde to direct in a progressed chart, the way that planet operates can change, and when you’re talking about a marriage chart, something in your marriage can change. With Mercury, it can be the way you communicate with one another; with Venus, it can be the way you show your love for one another; and with Mars, it can be how much energy you put into the relationship. So even if you were born with those planets retrograde, it still might not be the best idea, if you can avoid it.

In your own charts, you want to look at the aspects being made to your 7th and 5th houses, the houses of commitment and love, respectively. Will there be easy aspects, sextiles and trines, especially by Jupiter? Will there be difficult aspects, squares and oppositions, especially by Saturn? With the latter, you might not even make it to the altar. So you want to work around those. Also look at aspects being made to your Suns and Moons (if they’re not rulers of your 5th/7th houses). The Sun rules you, and the Moon rules your emotions, so easy aspects show you’ll feel good about getting married and the wedding preparations go more smoothly, and difficult aspects show cold feet and a caterer who skips town with your money.

See where Mars will be in both of your charts. Mars shows where your energy is directed, and Mars in a happy place, like the 5th or 9th houses, is a good time for a wedding. Mars in the 7th house can work since that’s the house of marriage. Mars in the 1st and 10th houses can also usually work since they show you getting attention (and you tend to get a lot of attention when you’re getting married). Also, Mars in the 11th house can show spending time with a crowd, so this one can be good for a big wedding.

As far as the date itself, you generally want to make sure the Moon is going to be in a sign it’s happy in (Cancer and Taurus), the sign ruling love (Leo), or the sign ruling marriage (Libra). Added bonus if while it’s in any of these signs, the Moon is touring through your/their 5th or 7th houses. If your 5th or 7th houses don’t fall in Cancer, Taurus, Leo, or Libra, you can choose to go with either the sign or the house. It’s helpful to choose a date that has the transit Sun and Moon at a happy aspect to one another (sextile, semisextile, trine, quintiles). As far as the exact time to have the wedding, create charts for the times you want, and try to avoid times where Saturn or Pluto will be in the 5th or 7th houses, the Moon is besieged (the aspect it made last and the aspect it makes next are to malefics), when the last aspect the Moon makes will be a harsh aspect, when the ruler of the 1st house or 7th houses is retrograde or at a critical or anaretic degree, or when the Moon will be at a critical or anaretic degree.

Author: Nic Gaudette

 Nic Gaudette is a Florida-based astrologer who enjoys helping those new to astrology, and writes lesson and articles to help them learn. To find out more about Nic, go to her website,, or contact her at

When Should I . . . Get Married? - No Comments

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