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Right now: Moon at 10°59' Scorpio, Sun at 28°40' Scorpio

The Three Liliths

240px-Lilith_symbol.svgIn astrology, there are three different Liliths. This tends to make things a little confusing for people, as when someone mentions Lilith, they could be referring to any of the three. The three different Liliths are Black Moon Lilith, Asteroid Lilith, and Dark Moon Lilith. They each reference to the same Lilith in myth, who was the original woman in the Garden of Eden but was cast out for wanting to be equal to Adam (how dare she!), and then went a little dark. Each Lilith is empowering, especially for women, and a bit psychosexual in nature, but they each operate in slightly different ways.

Black Moon Lilith is the point farthest from the Earth in the Moon’s orbit, and is the Lilith that seems to be most commonly used, and what people are referring to when they reference Lilith. There are two different Black Moon Liliths, Mean Lilith and True or Osculating Lilith. The orbit isn’t a perfect path, so you have Mean Lilith, which tries to make the line smoother, and True Lilith, which doesn’t care about the messy line. Neither is better than the other, so don’t listen to anyone who tells you to *only* pay attention to one over the other in your natal chart. Look at both in your own chart, and see if one makes more of an impact for you than the other. They operate similar to their movement, so Mean Lilith is a little smoother, and True Lilith is a little wilder. Black Moon Lilith tends to be more mystical than the other two Liliths, and someone with a strong Black Moon Lilith will likely feel a connection to something beyond, and be intuitive. Sexually, Black Moon Lilith is tantric and seductive.

Asteroid Lilith refers to an actual asteroid named Lilith, and is the only Lilith that’s an actual physical body. She’s a main belt asteroid traveling between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroid Lilith is the rebel of the three, the one who doesn’t want to adhere to social norms. Having a prominent asteroid Lilith can show someone who doesn’t want to go with what is expected of them. Whatever Asteroid Lilith is touching, you do things your own way. Sexually, Asteroid Lilith is experimental and free from being controlled by sexual impulse.

Dark Moon Lilith is a shadow Moon, one that absorbs light similar to a dust cloud, and the mysteriousness of this Lilith adds to its interpretation. Dark Moon Lilith, also called Waldemath Moon, is the darkest Lilith, focusing on pain, torment, and the darkness within that we refuse to acknowledge. We’re tempted to deny this Lilith, but when Dark Moon Lilith is prominent, we need to face it or suffer. Sexually, Dark Moon Lilith is dark, the S&M and bondage type, trying to escape through intensity.

In transit, you mostly only pay attention to Black Moon Lilith, and only the Mean Lilith since True Lilith is all over the place. Black Moon Lilith transits can show areas where you’ll feel repressed, frustrated, experience pain, rage, or abuse, or are unsure of yourself and life. You generally have to face the darkness within and do some serious letting go.

Author: Nic Gaudette

 Nic Gaudette is a Florida-based astrologer who enjoys helping those new to astrology, and writes lesson and articles to help them learn. To find out more about Nic, go to her website,, or contact her at

The Three Liliths - 1 Comment

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