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Right now: Moon at 8°41' Aquarius, Sun at 7°41' Scorpio

How to Make Mercury Retrograde Positive

240px-Mercury_symbol.svgMercury Retrograde – just those words can bring fear and dread in the heart’s of the most courageous among us. But fear not! There actually are some positive ways you can turn a Mercury retrograde into a good thing for you. Look to the house(s) Mercury will retrograde in, and see what you can do:

1st House: This is the house of the self. When Mercury retrogrades in your 1st house, you can manifest the Mercury retrograde energy purely, so redo anything and everything, revise like crazy, and do the one thing you’ve always wanted to get a second chance at.

2nd House: This is the house of money, so you can revise your budget, review a financial agreement, buy items that are used or refurbished, or resell something. This can also be a good time to make money in a way that you’ve made money before.

3rd House: This is the house of the mind, so it’s good for having a conversation over again, reviewing documents, revisiting the details, and relearning something you learned before.

4th House: This is the house ruling home and family, so you can do renovations to your home, redo home improvement projects, move back to a place/area you lived before, or reconnect with a relative.

5th House: This house rules love and your hobbies, so you can reconnect with an old love, fall in love all over again, or pick up an old hobby that you’d given up on.

6th House: This is the house of work and health, so you can go back to work at a place you work at before or at a position you worked in before, review and revise at work, pick up old work projects and do them over again, try a health treatment that you want to give another chance, or go back to an old doctor.

7th House: This is the house of relationships and commitment, so you can reconnect with someone you were in a relationship with in the past, recommit yourself to your partner, reevaluate your relationships, or recommit yourself to a project.

8th House: This house rules other people’s money (taxes, debts, loans, inheritances, joint finances) and transformations, so you can review a business agreement, reconnect with an old business partner, revise financial arrangements that involve other people, or try to transform something in your life you’ve transformed before and needs to be worked on again.

9th House: This house rules higher learning, travel, and the law, so you can go back to school, revisit a place you’ve traveled to before (especially if it’s far), or review legal documents.

10th House: This is the house of career, life path, and goals, so you can go back to working in a career you’ve worked at before, review a goal, pick up an old goal or get a second chance with a goal, or revise the direction your life is taking.

11th House: This house rules your dreams for your future, friendships, and causes you champion, so you can work on a dream that you had previously given up on and want another chance with, reconnect with an old friend, or recommit yourself to an old cause.

12th House: This house rules your spirituality, subconscious, and endings, so you can refocus on your spiritual self, revisit subconscious issues that you want another stab at, or end something for a second time if you weren’t happy with it the first time.

Author: Nic Gaudette

 Nic Gaudette is a Florida-based astrologer who enjoys helping those new to astrology, and writes lesson and articles to help them learn. To find out more about Nic, go to her website,, or contact her at

How to Make Mercury Retrograde Positive - 1 Comment

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