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Managing Stress with your 6th House Sign


Dealing with the holidays, birthdays, family gatherings, and other events often leads to some pretty high stress. Life is difficult enough without all of this extra unnecessary drama! Your 6th house can show how stress impacts you and what you should do to minimize it, so take a look at the sign on the cusp.

Aries 6th House: Always Be Busy
An Aries 6th house shows that your stress can sometimes take you over, and it comes fast. It tends to impact your head, and you can get headaches/migraines when you’re stressed out, and have a hard time focusing. You can also find that you’re prone to getting little cuts and bumps and bruises when stressed, and that stress can manifest as anger for you. To manage your stress, stay active. Aries is the most physical sign with the most energy, so you need to keep your body busy. Exercise or a physical activity when you’re stressed can be especially effective.

Taurus 6th House: Drop Everything
A Taurus 6th house shows that your stress can take some time to build, but once it’s there, it’s difficult for you to let go of, and you get stuck in a state of stress. It can impact your ability to enjoy the moment and relax, and you can indulge to the nth degree, prone to overeating and overdoing in general when you’re stressed out. To manage your stress, drop everything that you’re doing for some time, pulling back on everything that you can, so you can allows yourself to relax. Go to a spa, get a massage, have a fancy dinner, and get in touch with your body.

Gemini 6th House: Distract
A Gemini 6th house shows that your stress tends to be more mental, and when you’re stressed out, it impacts your ability to focus, come up with ideas, or communicate properly. These things become difficult for you, and you become frustrated, which leads to more stress. You can suffer headaches/migraines from stress, and you can overthink things and feel like you’re overloading. To manage your stress, you need to distract your mind so you think about something else. When your mind is distracted, your stress can melt away, and you feel a lot better.

Cancer 6th House: Nurture Yourself
A Cancer 6th house shows that your stress manifests emotionally, and you can be prone to emotional outbursts or displays, easily driven to tears or feeling emotionally overwhelmed. You can lose your objectivity, and you try to retreat, wanting to protect yourself with a hard shell. It can impact your stomach, and you feel like your stomach has been turned upside down. To manage your stress, you need to nurture yourself emotionally. Do something that helps you to feel comforted, and surround yourself with supportive people to get you through stressful times.

Leo 6th House: Be Creative
A Leo 6th house shows that your stress can make you dramatic. When you get stressed out, you can make everything out to be much bigger than it really is. Your ego can grow too large, and your pride gets in the way. You can act like a little child, pouty and cranky. With Leo ruling the heart, you have to be careful of not stressing yourself into heart problems. To manage your stress, do something creative to channel your stressful energy. You can let go of a lot of your stress by doing something creative that you greatly enjoy and can have fun with.

Virgo 6th House: Focus
A Virgo 6th house shows that your stress can lead to anxiousness, being fidgety, or being too focus or not focused enough on the details. Virgo is the natural ruler of the 6th house, so you tend to manifest your stress in the standard ways. It can also become too much quickly, and you can develop mental health as well as digestive issues if you don’t address it. To manage your stress, focus on doing one thing at a time. You can take on too much and get overwhelmed, so break it all down to smaller and manageable pieces. Once you get the beginning stuff out of the way, you feel better.

Libra 6th House: Balance Things Out
A Libra 6th house shows that your stress makes you feel completely out of balance. You can focus too much on any one thing, and you become overwhelmed easily. You can be easily bothered by arguments and unfairness when you’re stressed out. To manage your stress, focus on balancing things out. The areas of life you haven’t focused as much on can become a priority, and as you start balancing out your life, you feel better. The more balance you have, the better you are. You can also benefit from spending time one-on-one with the people you know and trust.

Scorpio 6th House: Transform
A Scorpio 6th house shows that your stress can become impressively intense. You can fly into a fit of rage when you’re stressed out, and take things out on people who have nothing to do with it. Your dark side can come out, and you can have a hard time sharing anything with anyone. To manage your stress, try transforming something for the better. Pick one thing in your life or with yourself and focus on changing it. It gives you a feeling of control that helps eliminate your stress. Sex works well too!

Sagittarius 6th House: Be Free
A Sagittarius 6th house shows that your stress makes you more irresponsible and reckless. You can engage in risky behavior and make decisions without thinking first. You may prefer running from your problems and stress when it gets to be a lot, and think you can outrun it, but you can’t. To manage your stress, give yourself some space from what’s stressing you out and from the people around you. You shouldn’t run away, but some temporary space so you don’t feel chained can be a good thing. Enjoy a new experience and then come back to the problem.

Capricorn 6th House: Be Responsible
A Capricorn 6th house shows that your stress can impact your ability to focus on your goals and direction. You can start feeling a little lost, and have a hard time working toward what you want. You can make bad impressions on people, and get into it with parents, bosses, and mentors. To manage your stress, you need to be responsible. With Capricorn, you have to do what must be done. You can’t run or be reckless or make dumb decisions. You have to do the right thing no matter what, and then you begin to feel better about yourself and life.

Aquarius 6th House: Be Different
An Aquarius 6th house shows that your stress can manifest in unusual ways. You can develop an odd twitch or some sort of strange health problem. You can have issues with your friends, lack an ability to focus on your future, or question your future altogether, feeling unsure of yourself. To manage your stress, allow yourself to be different and do things in a different way from normal. Try out ways of managing your stress that are more “New Age”, like yoga or meditation or even astrology. You can also benefit from contributing to the world in some way to gain a better perspective.

Pisces 6th House: Use Your Imagination
A Pisces 6th house shows that your stress can cause all sorts of mysterious problems for you. You can suddenly feel like you’re getting sick, coming down with a cold, get an infection, or develop a mystery illness from stress. You can look for ways to escape, using drugs or alcohol to numb yourself, but that only puts you at risk. To manage your stress, use your imagination and give it room to soar. Watch movies, write poetry, read fantasy novels, color. By being whimsical, you give yourself an outlet for your stress to melt away.

Author: Nic Gaudette

 Nic Gaudette is a Florida-based astrologer who enjoys helping those new to astrology, and writes lessons and articles to help them learn. She also created the website,

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